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Optical systems

Optical systems allow for fast and accurate measurement of primarily 2D features on a variety of parts, including injection molded plastics, extruded parts and machined components.  Visional Technology offers optical products for entry-level operations as well as high-end systems capable of automating complete measurements with great accuracy and speed.


3D Scanning

What if you could create a digital copy of your part’s surface geometry? 3D scanning technology uses state-of-the-art technology to recreate your part with great detail, accuracy and speed to perform down stream activities such as metrology and reverse engineering.

3D scanning.png

Computed Tomography (CT)

The future of inspection and metrology is already here with Computed Tomography (CT) technology.  With CT users can now inspect not only the visible features of a part, but also what is not visible, enabling the inspection of wholy assembled products without having to destroy or dissasemble them, measuring hidden part features, and examining the integrity of the materials used.  Visional Technology offers the most comprehensive portfolio of CT scanning technologies made available by Zeiss.


Measurement tools, gages, and calibration artifacts

Visional Technology offers a complete portfolio of dimensional measurement tools, gages and artifacts to fully equip your laboratory, workshop or production floor, from calipers to gage blocks and other reference gages, we got you covered.  We carry measurement tools from the leading manufacturers in the dimensional metrology industry.

Gage Blocks.jpg
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