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Applications for CT and X-Ray Systems

Take a close look at every detail

To examine things, to get to the bottom of them, to get to their core – this desire has always driven science, research, and development. X-ray technology from ZEISS has provided perfect insights for years in these and other areas. When it comes to quality and process control, it reveals what would otherwise remain hidden from even the most watchful of eyes – without  destroying the part.

Reveal the hidden secrets of your part

Automotive, aerospace, medical technology, electronics, consumer goods – each industry has its own manufacturing processes, along with different potential defects that are normally hidden from the eye. X-raying parts opens up completely new potential applications – from inspecting internal defects and the dimensional measuring of internal structures to structural material analysis.


  • Nominal/actual comparison
    Deviations from the CAD model or master part are visualized in a false color comparison.

  • Dimensional control
    Thanks to computed tomography, the dimensional accuracy of complex internal and external features can be checked in just one scan.

  • Wall thickness analysis
    A color-coded representation shows the wall thickness of internal structures.

  • Tool & process optimization
    A comprehensive inspection of the part provides meaningful information on the condition of the tools and the production process.

  • Development & Reverse Engineering
    You can easily create CAD models from 3D volume data – significantly accelerating product development and reverse engineering processes.

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