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AV300 CNC Vision System 

The AV300 CNC vision system offers 12" x 6" x 5.5" travel, Z-axis measuring, your choice of powerful MetLogix or Quadra-Check software control systems, 6.5:1 (optional 12:1) zoom optics and several LED or fiber optic illumination options. These systems are general-purpose CNC video-based measurement systems, ideal for quality assurance, inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly and research facilities. A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates data accurately and repeatably to the MetLogix or Quadra-Chek software. This compact bench top system is precise and powerful!.

  •  System Type: Bench Top

  •  Part View Orientation: Vertical

  •  X-Y-Z Travel (in): 12" x 6" x 5.5"

  •  X-Y-Z Travel (mm): 300 x 150 x 135

  •  Z Axis Measuring: Standard

  •  CNC: Standard

  •  X-Y Accuracy (µm): E2 = 1.9 µm + 5L/1000

  •  Z Accuracy (µm): E1 = 2.5 µm + 5L/1000

  •  Scale Resolution: 0.1 µm

  •  Multi-Sensor Compatible: Yes

  •  Base: Cast Aluminum

  •  Control System / Software: M3 or QC5300

  •  Display: 21" Touchscreen PC or 24" Monitor

  •  Zoom Optics - Standard: 6.5:1

  •  Zoom Optics - Optional: 12:1

  •  Digital Video Camera: 1 MP Color

  •  Surface Ring Illumination: LED or FO

  •  Transmitted Illumination: LED or FO

  •  Coaxial Illumination: Optional LED or FO

  •  Darkfiled Quadrant Illumination (Optional LED only): Optional LED

  •  Brightfield Quadrant Illumination (Optional LED only): Optional LED

  •  Auxiliary Lenses (Optional): 0.5X, 1.5X, 2.0X

  •  Renishaw Touch Probe: Optional on QC5300 only

  •  Renishaw Touch Probe Change Rack: Optional on QC5300 only

  •  Workstation Base, Extension and Swing Arm: Optional

  •  Part Fixturing: Optional

  •  Video Pixel Calibration Standard: Optional

  •  Calibration Standards: Optional

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