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The SURFCOM 130 surface measuring machine is designed for mobile or stationary use in production. The separate control and analysis unit features a report printer and a color touch screen. The display ensures intuitive operation and can be configured in accordance with the requirements so that only necessary functions are displayed. An interface enables external data storage and professional analysis with ACCTee PRO software. The SURFCOM 130 is equipped with a compact, highly accurate stylus-and-arm system and a 50 mm tracing driver for measuring waviness. The large deflection range of up to 1.6 mm allows you to analyze roughness on radii.

  • Designed for mobile and stationary use

  • Integrated report printer, control unit with intuitive touchscreen

  • 50 mm tracing driver- measurement of waviness

  • Large deflection range of 1.6 mm – measuring on radii

  • Resolution of 0.1 to 10 nanometers

  • Highly precise X axis straightness guide

  • Simple, fast sensing arm change out

  • Automatic function for the measuring range, total path, cut-off and display magnification

  • All common international standards

  • Extensive accessories such as a waviness attachment, measuring columns and universal stylus mount

The SURFCOM 130 enables mobile and stationary surface measurements in production, incoming goods and final inspection. Measuring components in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries are some of the everyday jobs of the SURFCOM 130.

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