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ZEISS CenterMax can be directly integrated into a production line. Vibrations from processing centers are effectively damped. Its variable workpiece base makes it ideal for automated loading.

Coordinate measuring technology for production

  • Machine design optimized for integration

  • Temperature stability from +15ºC to +40ºC

  • Pneumatic vibration insulation

  • Robust machine design

Navigator technology package

  • Automatic generation of the ideal measuring strategy

  • Tangential approach

  • Helix scanning

  • Dynamic stylus calibration

Temperature Variable Accuracy (TVA)

The accuracy of measuring machines is usually only given for the ideal temperature. Not with CenterMax: thanks to the TVA formula, the accuracy of this system can be exactly determined for different temperatures.

navigator technology package

VAST Performance Kit

  • FlyScan

  • QuickChange


  • Touchscreen – unaffected by oil and dirt

  • Pneumatic stylus rack

  • Safety equipment

  • Rotary table

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